Classroom Projects - 'In-Process' - 3

Today I added some shadows under the bottom flower. Wet the shadow area (where you want the paint to go - leave any spaces dry). I used indigo and rose adding new gamboge at the end.


Today I erased the tree shapes and then used white, true blue, some brown and a little indigo to shade the limbs and trunk. I used canary yellow, true blue, sienna, cream and white for the leaves. Keep light source in mind. I worked on the front lightening it as well as adding more color. I also worked on the mountain shapes. It is about 75% there.

I worked on the mane with mostly cream with some canary yellow, sienna, indigo, and dark brown. Keep the strokes in the direction of the hairs. I also worked on the neck and shoulder using sienna, cream, indigo, and dark brown.

I worked in the water using cobalt, sap, permanent brown, quin. gold, and green gold. Keep the strokes from side to side and stay loose in the water part. Then I worked on the top trees and bushes using sap, green gold, permanent brown, quin. gold, indigo. We will add only a few more layers and then move on to gouache to finish it off.

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