Young Lady II, colored pencil over a watercolor 'beach wash'.
Skimming Lavender, 13 x 15, Colored pencil over watercolor.  This is a 'redo' of a watercolor I was not thrilled with, it's improved.


Mobile Antiquity, 15 x 12, watercolor & gouache on masonite prepped with Absorbent Ground


"Magnolia 2" 11 x 14, watercolor on illustration board prepped with gesso.
"Magnolia"  11 x 14, watercolor on illustration board prepped with gesso.  This is a slick and interesting surface to work on.
"Hibiscus" 11 x 14, watercolor on watercolor paper


"Carol," 10 x 8, gouache and watercolor.  This is a painting of my mom and a present for her birthday.