Carousel Horses
watercolor and colored pencil
about 12" square each

These were a gift for a family member

Plantation Gazebo
watercolor, gouache, colored pencil
14 x 20

Wetcanvas June 2009 tomato challenge

This is the final piece . The photo was taken in the correct lighting (instead of indoor at night). Thanks to WetCanvas for the challenge and thanks for the reference photo "Red Tomato" taken by Olika. Prismacolor colored pencils on watercolor paper, size 8 x 11

Wetcanvas June 2009 tomato challenge

4 - layered background with dark green, crimson red, black grape and indigo then melted with turp.

5 - added more dark with sepia, black grape, crimson dark green and indigo. Used white and canary yellow in the light areas. Used cream and white over light foreground

Wetcanvas June 2009 tomato challenge

1 - layer of orange and a little poppy red with crimson red in darkest areas

2 - melted with turp

3 -
added sepia in the dark areas