From the Garden, 30 x 22, watercolor and gouache, this is an old painting that I spruced up a little bit.


Woolgathering, colored pencil over an acrylic beach wash, 15 x 22


Beach Wash

Submerge the watercolor paper in the ocean and grab some sand and put it on the paper.

Let the sand spread on the paper.

Lift the paper out of the water and let some of the sand and water run off.

Move it around until you get a pattern you like.

Lay the paper on the beach.  I did this the first few times directly on the beach.  I now use a shower curtain or plastic table cloth underneath the paper .  This leaves the beach as I found it.

Several beach washes in process.

Two colors poured so far.  You can see the pour marks.

The final color poured onto the paper.  This will not be quite as bright when it is complete.  The paint used in this example is Golden Fluid Acrylics.  The colors are phthalo blue & ptthalo green mixture, permanent magenta, and black.

The beach wash after the sand has been removed and it has been washed and dried.