Melancholy, colored pencil on sanded paper, 18 x 24.  Updated after a bit more work.

Voyager, colored pencil over watercolor on watercolor paper, 22 x 15.  Updated after a little more work.


These are both half sheets and were the workshop projects Soon Warren had us do at her workshop.  The cat was the pouring method  and there are a few more things I may do to finish this (it really is about done).  The still life is done.  The workshop was very fun and I learned a few new things.  Soon is delightful.  My thanks to her.

Both are watercolor, quarter sheets.  Did these at Soon Warren's workshop trying out the pouring method she showed us.  They aren't done, but they were fun to do.


You are Invited!


Snowberry Clearwing Hummingbird Moth, colored pencil on tinted sanded pastel paper (Colourfix), 9 x 12


Wise Old Burls, watercolor and colored pencil, 11 x 30


Buddy, colored pencil over acrylic prepped with acrylic ground, 8 x 10.  This is my dad's 76th birthday present.  I sent it to him today.


5 Girls/4 Years

An art exhibit by:
Tania Edwards
Cindy Hicks
Kate Lagaly
Carol Reed
Sari Sauls

At the Kirby Upstairs Gallery, 213 Main Street, Roxboro, NC 27573 during the months of May, June, and July 2015  


Multimedia Musings
An Art Exhibit by Kate Lagaly

Opening Reception Friday, April 10  
at the Kirby Upstairs Gallery, 213 North Main Street, Roxboro, NC 27573

The exhibit can be seen by appointment through April 28, 2015.  Call - 336-597-1709.  The Kirby Cultural Arts Complex hours are from 1 - 5 Tuesday - Friday and Saturday from 10 - 4.  


Weathering, white gouache over a dark watercolor background, 15 x 22

Melancholy, colored pencil on sanded pastel paper, 12 x 18  (the colors for some reason are not correct on the blog, have not had this happen before.  They are brighter colors than shown here)


Mom, He's Touching Me, colored pencil on medium gray mat board, 24 x 29

Looking for Guidance, colored pencil over watercolor (beach wash) on watercolor paper, 15 x 22