Despair, watercolor, 11 x 15


At Peace, Colored pencil on mat board, 13" x 15"


This is a 6" x 12" sketch for a 8' x 16' mural


Long Day, Colored pencil over watercolor, 15 x 17


End of the Day, colored pencil over watercolor, 22 x 15


Kate's Exhibit 
The Cary Senior Center
120 Maury O'Dell Pl.

Can be viewed
Tuesday, January 10 through Thursday, February 17
The Reception 
will be held on
Friday, January 27 from 6 - 8.


Holi.  This is from a live portrait group I attend at Sertoma.

Stephen.  This is from a live portrait group I attend at Sertoma.

This is a color mural sketch.  It is about 6" x 12".  The mural will be about 8' x 16'.  There are a few changes I will make on the design for the mural - the store will move over to the right a little and the church will move up a little.  This improves the composition and makes a better and less cluttered background for the church steeple.  And of course everything on the mural will be more refined with more detail.


Hazel, watercolor on watercolor paper, 22 x 15