Classroom Projects - 'In Process' - 5b

The first and second steps for the hawk on the off-white. The color differences are due to taking the photograph at different times of the day. This is still at the very beginning of the process.

This is the first step of the swan on YUPO (after covering the paper with color and letting it dry). Actually I got carried away and took a little too much off - easy to remedy.

Classroom Projects - 'In Process' - 5a

Added Gouache and more detail. Still needs more work, but getting closer.

Worked on flowers and added some dark in the background. Still needs quite a bit of work. Turned it horizontal becuase that works best for this piece.

This is the first step for the hawk on YUPO. I used a variety of colors to make it interesting. The next step (for next class) will be adding darks and lifting out some lights.


Classroom Projects - 'In Process' - 4b

Worked more in the shadows, defining them more with some darks. Used indigo and quin rose.

This is a close-up of the smaller flower.

Worked on the trees as well as adding a dark red to the background foliage to add a warm dark and a color accent. I used alizatin and indigo as well as some sap and hookers green.

Classroom Projects - 'In Proceess' - 4a

Stared working on the halter. Used white, indigo, and dark brown for the metal parts. Used indigo, sienna, dark brown, and cream for the leather parts. Pay attention to values (always).

Added warmth (magenta and canary yellow). Added depth and darks (true blue, indigo). Added white to the sky.

Started with the eye using sienna, indigo, dark brown, cream, white, and a little true blue. This eye is only partly finished. It needs more refining.

This is a different hawk using similar colors on a green board. It is further along than the one on off white.


Kate's 'Aged' Artwork

Nicki's Spirit
Watercolor & Gouache
10 x 10

Watercolor & Gouache
10 x 10

The penguin

Colored Pencil

15 x 11